World's smartest keyboard recognizes 26 keys at once

Gamers with magic fingers will snap up this Microsoft SideWinder X4 keyboard, apparently so fast that it can turn off the lights and get into the bed before it gets dark. The secret is "advanced anti-ghosting technology," recognizing even the most complex key combinations — up to 26 keys at the same time. Sounds like you could sit on this thing and it could still meticulously register each keystroke. Imagine the macros you could program with this baby, saving settings and macros for different games.

Up for pre-order on Amazon later this week, and for sale everywhere in March, this $60 keyboard has a big brother, the $80 SideWinder X6 that I love. In fact, I'm typing on one right now. While the X6 doesn't yet have this newfangled anti-ghosting tech, it has a detachable number pad, which makes the part of the keyboard we use the most nice and compact — when it's time to crunch the numbers, that number pad snaps right on, ready to go at a moment's notice.

Like the SideWinder X6, the X4 has adjustable backlighting, a handy feature that's just right for those spooky gaming sessions, and that red glow is drop-dead good-looking to boot. We're big fans of Microsoft SideWinder mice and keyboards, and it looks like this SideWinder X4 will be no exception.

Via Microsoft