Metal Gear 3D: proof the arcade is alive and well in Japan

In America, arcades are few and far between, and are too often tired scenes with stuck buttons. In Japan, however — and especially in Tokyo — the arcade still lives, with multi-story complexes packed wall-to-wall with all the latest gaming cabinets dotting the country's cities.

One such gaming helping keep the dream alive is Metal Gear "Don't Call It VR" 3D, a squad-based third person shooter based in the war-torn world of Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear series. To control the game, you look around by swiveling your head (a camera on the bulky 3D goggles keeps track of everything), and control the movement of your character with an analog stick on your rifle. As you'd expect, you aim and shoot with your gun. The game is still being tweaked before its full release, though it should be out soon. It'll be interesting to see if 3D goggles change the arcade shooter the way the Time Crisis pedal did.

Check it out in the video below:

DigInfo, via CrunchGear