Mac Pro clone PC lets a Windows user feel like an Apple fanboi

I like Apple products, but I'm no fan of the trendy cult of superiority they've managed to build around their stuff. Apple fanbois tend to look down on us Windows users as if we're just lost sheep, who have yet to see the light emanating from Cupertino.

If you're sick of people judging you by your choice of computer, here's a way to build a PC that might fool them, if only for a few seconds.

First you need a Lian Li PC-V1200 computer case in silver. Okay, so it's not a perfect clone, but it certainly gets a healthy slice of the Jonathan Ive/Mac Pro aesthetic. Then you need some emulators to make your desktop look suitably Macish. RK Launcher gets you one of those cool launch bars you see at the bottom of a Mac screen. Then you can go to Cult Of Mac to get some Appley looking desktop icons. Apple centric wallpaper can be found here, and of course you'll also want to install iTunes, one of the only things Apple actually gives away.

Of course you could also just go out and buy one of the freakin' things.