LED lighting makes a giant leap in brightness and efficiency

Tech is moving fast in the lighting industry, and now Seoul Semiconductor announces an LED breakthrough. Here's the next generation of its product called Acriche: the first LED light that can shine at 100 lumens per watt (100 lm/W) without needing an AC-DC converter. The company says it's "25% more efficient than existing LED light products."

That 100 lm/W claim makes this little bulb even more efficient than a compact fluorescent, which typically emits around 70 lm/W. Beyond that, it's 10 times more efficient than an old-timey incandescent bulb.

The company didn't say how long its new LED light would last, or how much it costs, but did say it's ramping up mass production facilities, aiming to start selling the bulb to lighting fixture makers by the end of next month.

Via CrunchGear