Kleer wireless tech appears in TDK headphones; war with Bluetooth just starting

Bluetooth gadgets are so ubiquitous now that not many people even know that there are other options out there for wireless audio. Kleer, a wireless tech designed from the ground up for better sound, has appeared in a few earphones, but none quite so hefty as this pair of TDK cans. The TH-WR700 headset comes with an adapter (coincidentally sized nicely for an iPhone or iPod Touch) that plugs into the headphone jack of your player. More awkward than your typical Bluetooth connection, to be sure, but possibly worth it if you want "CD-quality" audio.

Kleer's range is about 30 feet, and the battery life for this headset is rated at 40 hours of continuous listening. They'll be available in Japan in March for $190; no word if they'll come to America. Given Bluetooth's issues of lag time, complicated pairing and multiple — sometimes unreliably compatible — standards, we say: More Kleer, please!

TDK, via CrunchGear and Engadget