Keyboard lets you edit YouTube videos like a pro

Any video pro will tell you that for quick accurate video editing, there's nothing quite like having a real jog/shuttle wheel. Sure, all of the popular video editing software like Windows Movie Maker and Apple iMovie have on screen interfaces that let you do the same basic things, but they still require that you use a mouse and cursor to control things. The GR100 keyboard adds a classic style jog/shuttle wheel that you turn to move quickly through a clip, with an inner dial to locate the exact frame you want. A set of buttons around the dial provides shortcuts to all of the essential editing functions.

The GR100 is made by the Korean video software company CodeAct, so naturally it works with their GReditor, along with other popular edit suites like Adobe Premiere and Pinnacle Studio. It's available in both Japanese and English versions for a pretty hefty $275.

GeekStuff4U, via AkihabaraNews