HumanCar rolls out a plug-in hybrid for $15,500

Last time we checked in with inventor Chuck Greenwood back in '07, his dream of a human-powered car was just a dream. Fast forward to today and the HumanCar (officially the HumanCar Imagine_PS PHEV) is the real thing: a human-powered, plug-in hybrid that is arguably easy on the eyes, but definitely easy on the environment.

The HumanCar has an electric motor to assist you, though there's still some work for you to do. In an almost rowing motion, each passenger pushes the handlebar in front of them forward and back to keep the car moving. You won't win any races in the HumanCar and, honestly, it probably won't replace your car if you're someone with a long commute, but if we were all driving something like this on short trips, we'd be doing a world of good. We'd all have pretty toned arms, too.

All in all, you're looking at $15,500 for a HumanCar of your own. As far as plug-in cars go, that's pretty cheap! Check it out in the video below.

HumanCar, via Auto Motto