HTC Desire: Android's next hot superphone

What was known as the HTC Bravo has now been officially revealed by the company as the Desire, HTC's take on Google's Nexus One. The Desire looks just like the Nexus One with its 3.7-inch AMOLED display and all its Android-y goodness, though it ditches the trackball for a trackpad.

Fans of HTC's slick Sense UI will be excited to know that it's making an appearance here, better than ever before now that it's backed up by the Desire's 1GHz Snapdragon processor, an updated version of Sense with Friend Stream and Flash 10.1 support — which will make that Snapdragon work for the money.

Unfortunately, this is where I break your heart: HTC has no official plans to bring the Desire to North America just yet, as the company is only talking Europe, Asia and Australia right now.

Check out a promo video for the Desire after the jump, or look at some pretty press shots in the gallery below.

Via Engadget