How to break into a hotel room

Here's a whole new trick for you to be afraid of: the ease with which bad guys can break into your hotel room using a special "government only" tool. We're not sure what makes this bent piece of metal so difficult to create, or why you would need the government to possess one, but it sure makes it look easy to break into a hotel room.

Dang. Until now, we liked those lever-style door handles, and our home is equipped with them on every portal. They're especially easy to open when you have both hands full of groceries. In fact, they are mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for public places.

Don't fret, though. Check out the video for a way to defeat this trick. Another thing working in our favor: if the hotel's staff is even halfway attentive, it would be awfully difficult to smuggle such an unwieldy piece of metal past the front desk. Ultimately, the old saying still holds true: Locks keep the honest people out.

Via Gizmodo