Mehrzeller, the camper that wants to be an art museum

For some people (read: Wall Street bankers struggling to spend their multimillion-dollar bonuses.), camping in a 45-foot luxury RV is too dreary to contemplate. Fortunately for them and gas refineries everywhere, a pair of German design students have created the Mehrzeller travel trailer. Its luxurious interior is surpassed only by an exterior fit for a Tokyo art museum.

Forget about stolid aluminum blocks or shining metal blisters — the Mehrzeller is a polygonal puzzle. It looks like either one of the Space 1999 ships or a discarded White Castle bag. The jumble-of-angles theme is even more pronounced inside (check it out in the gallery), where random outcroppings and nooks can almost give you vertigo.

The designers, Christian Freissling and Theresa Kalteis, came up with the Mehrzeller while at the Graz University of Technology as an example of mass customization. Their word for it is "multicellular." Buyers would go online and use something called a Configurator to design their very own Mehrzeller by, presumably, fitting together different predesigned segments, or cells. Freissling and Kalteis' site lists almost 40 companies — including BMW and 3M — as "partners" in their effort to bring the Mehrzeller to dealerships. Who knew Europeans were so into trailer camping?

Via Mehrzeller