GPS flashlight lights up your route with directions and maps

GPS devices have changed forever the way we find places while driving, but most of them aren't much use once we get out of the car. Sure you could use a traditional hand held GPS or a smart phone, but peering at a tiny screen while walking isn't much fun.

The Tamtam Flash from Designaffairs Studio makes it easy to find your way, projecting directions on any flat surface such as the sidewalk. If you want a more general view, the Tamtam Flash can also project a zoomable and scrollable map on any wall, giving you an overall perspective on wherever you happen to be. Additionally, the Tamtam Flash can read QR codes to give you additional information about any location that might use them.

The designers say that the Tamtam Flash is aimed at tourists walking in an unfamiliar city, giving them the confidence to explore on their own, secure in the knowledge that they can always find their way back to the hotel. Presumably, it can also be loaded with information about local tourist spots and restaurants.

While it's just a concept for now, I think this is a great idea. Still, I'm pretty sure the TomTom people will want them to change the name.

Designaffairs Studio, via