Got zits? There's an app for that

Teens and cellphones seem to go together like bees and honey, but unfortunately so do teens and zits. Now a Texas dermatologist has created an iPhone app, which he believes can harness a teen's addiction to their cellphone, to kill off their embarrassing acne problems.

Dr Greg Pearson say that his AcneApp bombards the skin with alternating flashes of red and blue light, even while the user is talking on the phone. The red light is supposed to reduce inflammation, while blue light is said to kill the bacteria which causes the acne in the first place. While that might sound like just another kooky iPhone app from some slimy snake oil salesman, light therapy has been an FDA approved treatment for acne for years, it's just that nobody thought to use an iPhone before.

Because the iPhone version of this treatment has not yet been clinically studied, Dr Pearson doesn't make any specific claims about its effectiveness, but another dermatologist reckoned it would take about 88 two to three minute treatments to be effective. By my math, that's about three days for most teens. I suppose if we start to see teens with lots of zits except for one strip between their right ear and their mouth, we'll know that it works.

Via Switched