Google responds to Buzz bellyaching, rolls out changes

"We've heard your feedback loud and clear," Gmail's official blog read on Friday, "and since we launched Google Buzz four days ago, we've been working around the clock to address the concerns you've raised." It's Monday, now, and Google's making good on its word — but what were those concerns?

Well, you may have noticed if you were one of the earliest adopters to Buzz when it launched last Tuesday that the auto-follow feature would instantly connect you with your Gmail contacts. If memory serves, you could go in and edit this list, though your initial foundation was automatically generated from the people you emailed the most.

Google is changing the much-maligned auto-follow to what it's termed "auto-suggest." That way you get to decide whether you want to start following someone instead of deciding if you want to stop before you knew you even began to do so.

The second big change comes from what Google automatically connects you to, such as to a Picasa account or your Google Reader. I know plenty of people who were worried that they were spamming their Buzz list, as they were comfortable sharing what they were on Reader with the list they had there, but Buzz changed the landscape.

You can read all about the new changes here. The BBC also has a decent roundup of the heavy criticism that was leveled at Buzz.

Hated last week and gone this weekend? Pretty good turnaround by the Big G.

Official Gmail Blog, via Download Squad