First USB 3.0 hub is way faster than it looks

It's been nearly ten years since USB 2.0 first hit the shelves, which translates to about three eons on the computer hardware development timeline. USB 3.0 has been a hot topic of discussion for a couple of years, but now the first actual hardware is starting to trickle out. So far we've seen a couple of USB 3.0 hard drives, and before too long, you're going to need a hub to tie all of those devices together.

The Buffalo BSH4A03U3 doesn't look too sexy, but kind of like the Space Shuttle with its not so sleek looking blunt shape, those looks can be deceiving. With data transfer speeds approaching 5Gbps, this hub will move your stuff about ten times faster than the old "high speed" USB 2.0, which should be especially helpful as we start handling more HD video files on our computers.

The Buffalo BSH4A03U3 (catchy name!) will be available in Japan starting next month for 8,000 Yen (about $90 US). Expect prices to tumble quickly as the competition heats up.

Buffalo-Kokuyo (Japanese), via Akihabara News