FCC chief says 100Mbps broadband for all ... eventually

Apparently Google isn't the only one thinking U.S. broadband service is too dog-slow even for your grandma. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski must be frustrated, too, because he just unleashed the "100 squared initiative," urging a speedup of Internet access to 100 megabits per second (Mbps) in 100 million homes across the country.

Let's see, 100 Mbps — that's more than 20 times faster than the average broadband connection speed these days in this somehow technologically backward country, which also happens to have the largest economy in the world.

Pointing to the Google Fiber project that aims to equip tens of thousands of households with 1 Gbps speeds, the FCC chief says 100 Mbps is just the beginning, a symbolic number that should be exceeded. What he didn't say: Whose ass he has to kick to get that kind of speed implemented, pronto. Let's face it, big business greedmeisters want to keep their money, not build out networks because some FCC chairman says so.

Via Electronista