CubeTubes suck power from your office lighting, but for what?

I'm all for green power generators that harness solar energy to create electricity, but it doesn't make much sense if their light source is an office light fixture that is itself being powered by dirty power. You can't take power that's already been created, and somehow magically make it green by passing it through a photovoltaic solar cell.

The CubeTubes are designed to be used in office cubicles, where they will harvest power from the ambient lighting in the room. Each tube has a built in storage battery, and outlets for connecting your equipment. Various lengths of CubeTube are available to fit different cubicle sizes, and they will presumably come with clips for holding them in place on top of the partitions.

Solaroad says that the tubes can power your equipment directly, switching automatically to battery power if the load is too much for the available ambient light. If the battery runs down, the system can also switch over to wall power as needed.

Color me skeptical, but can't see how a small solar panel being illuminated by a few 34 watt fluorescent tubes can possibly generate enough juice to run things like workstations, as claimed on the Solaroad website. Even if the office lights are ultra efficient, it's not as if all of those photons are going directly into the CubeTube, and then you also need to consider the efficiency of the photovoltaic cells. I expect there's some validity to the storage function, especially if the office lights are left on overnight, but surely you could save much more by simply turning off the lights at night. During working hours it would make more sense to turn off some of the overhead lighting, and use small energy efficient task lights on each desk.

Solaroad says that the CubeTubes will be available some time next year.

Solaroad Technologies, via Red Ferret Journal