Convert your laptop to DTS surround sound? Not exactly

Here's an easy way to attract our attention: Print a DTS (Digital Theater Sound) logo on the side of a glass device that looks like an old-fashioned vacuum tube. The pitch goes like this: Plug X-Tube into your laptop's USB port, install the special "DTS Headphone Deck" software, and when you plug in the included headphones, get sweet DTS surround sound from your laptop.

But wait just a doggone minute. Doesn't this $45 product look a lot like that fake vacuum tube USB plug we showed you last June, which merely turns a USB port into an headphone/microphone jack? Its resemblance to a true vacuum tube is just for show. We suspect this is exactly the same product.

While we dig that blue glow coming from its internal LED, we're not fooled by this marketing concept. That "DTS Headphone Deck" software simulates DTS, aided and abetted by those headphones. But when we saw the term "DTS Surround Sensation" printed underneath the DTS logo, it raised red flags, making us wonder if DTS actually authorized the use of its logo on this gadget equivalent of costume jewelry. Buyer beware.

Via 7 Gadgets