Comely models caress HyperMac batteries, we fall for it

Good lord, we men are such dogs. Here it is two days before Valentine's Day, we're perfectly situated with lovely female companionship, yet we're still paralyzed and hypnotized by glamour shots of beautiful models holding onto... [snap] looky there, SuperMac has some sort of battery chargers they're trying to sell.

Quickly, here are the details so you can dive onto the gallery: They're 1800mAh battery chargers with aluminum cases and built-in cables, they work with iPods, iPhones, or any USB gear, and are available in three models: HyperMac Nano (charges your iPhone 1.5 times, $70), HyperMac Micro (charges it 3x, $9), and HyperMac Mini (6x charges, $120).

Be sure to click each pic for a glorious enlargement. Woof!

Via HyperMac