ColdAvenger is like a gas mask that keeps skiers breathing easy

For skiers, snowboarders and anyone who just wants to look like they belong in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, there's this here ColdAvenger, a mask that uses your own breath to keep you inhaling and exhaling in comfort, even in the cold. Heck, it even sounds wasteland-ready.

It's not actually a gas mask; instead, it traps moisture and creates an air chamber while you breath that also keeps your face dry:

ColdAvenger mixes inhaled cold air with exhaled warm air to achieve a dynamic balance of warmth while keeping the face dry. Inside mask temperatures are 40º to 60ºF higher than outside, depending on activity. The patent-pending ventilation design allows for easy breathing during exertion, a critical feature for high endurance outdoor activities. Moisture from exhaled air binds to the plastic piece, keeping the face dry.

Talus Outdoor, the company behind the mask, claims that it can make even -20° weather feel comfortable. We're inclined to believe it, too, as anyone who lives in a place that can get chilly knows that humidity can be a real killer when it comes to breathing comfort. The ColdAvenger starts at $50.

ColdAvenger, via CrunchGear