Child's rocking horse is a kinetic power generator

Ah, children: those lovable balls of built-up energy. If only there was a way to harness that force? That's exactly what designers Aaron Tsui, Irina Kozlovskaya, Jasen Mehta and Sergio Silva had in mind when they came up with "Rocco, the energy pal."

Rocco is a rocking horse that, when rocked, charges up its flashlight ears. These ears can then be used as a regular old flashlight, or — appropriate for kids — as a nightlight. It's a great idea, but, like all things designed for kids, I could imagine it backfiring. You're sleeping, say, while your little terror is up too late with way too much energy. What happens next? One of the runts, now armed with a fully-charged flashlight, barges into your room and wakes you up.

Still, let's just imagine we go the nightlight route instead, and Rocco's power is something used only for good.

Rocco is one of the entries in the Greener Gadgets Competition in NYC.

Rocco, via Inhabitots