Chair charges your gadgets while you fidget at the airport

Most airports were built long before we were all carrying around all kinds of electronic devices, so finding a place to charge them up can be a challenge. I expect many of us have snooped around for the outlets the airport cleaners use, so we can plug in and charge up our laptop or cellphone during a stopover.

Recognizing this need, designer Ryan Klinger has created the Empower rocking chair which harnesses your body movements to provide power for your devices. A small box under the seat stores the generated power in a battery, which can then transfer into your devices using either a regular plug or USB. LED indicators on the box tell you how much of a charge the battery is holding.

In addition to providing green power, the Empower chair is made entirely from recyclable materials, and comes flat packed to save energy during shipping.

The Empower chair is a finalist in this year's Greener Gadgets Design Competition, with a winner to be announced next Thursday.

Greener Gadgets Design Competition, via