Build-a-beast: Tinysaurs, the teeniest dinosaur kits ever

Just what we were looking for, nearly microscopic dinosaurs that you can build yourself. Artist Kelly Farrell breaks new ground with Tinysaurs, minuscule wooden sculptures you assemble with tweezers and white glue. Look in the gallery, and you'll see a triceratops, stegosaurus, woolly mammoth, and look at that graphic above, it's the terrifying T-Rex!

If all this tweezer-assembly tedium gives you the willies, you can admit that your patience has gone extinct, copping out by buying a preassembled Tinysaur under glass. Of course, you'll pay dearly for the privilege — the pre-built dino is $60, but each unassembled kit is a mere $7, or $16 including tweezers and glue.

Etsy, via Technabob