Breakthrough? Color e-reader reflects like a butterfly's wings

Creating a color e-ink display is a lot more difficult than it looks, but Qualcomm might have found the solution to this vexing problem in the wings of butterflies. Taking advantage of the same iridescent reflectivity you find in a butterfly's wings, Qualcomm's Mirasol prototype displays color images without a backlight.

This sweet little 5.7-inch screen is smaller than the Amazon Kindle's, but instead of that dull putty-colored background with gray text, this screen appears to glow with unusually vibrant colors. It's a color screen that uses even less power than a monochrome e-ink display, claims Qualcomm. That's saying a lot, considering that we can get almost 2 weeks of reading out of our e-ink-screened Kindle without a recharge.

Could this be for real? We won't know until this Fall. Watch this video with a healthy dose of skepticism, and wonder along with us if it wasn't shot in an extremely well-lit environment, making the screen look brighter than it really is.

Via CrunchGear