Battlestar fans team up to build a working Cylon Raider

Typically, we show you projects when they're all done, but — you know what? — this time we've come across one that's so awesome we want to give it a little bump. Consider this a PSA.

A group of Cylon spies Battlestar Galactica fans are trying to figure out to turn the foam prototype you see above into a working, flying and maybe nuking Cylon Raider. Okay, okay, they probably won't arm it with nukes, but you get the idea. The end product promises to be a custom remote-controlled flier, one that we'd very much like to see. I mean, hey, if X-Wings can fly, why not Raiders?

Work on the project is underway over at the RC Forums, where fans are still in the planning stages. Have some experience with DIY RC toys? Maybe you could lend a hand!

And, hey, don't forget to toss us a shot of the thing when it's done. We're just hoping we don't have to wait for Earth to expand into 13 colonies before we get to see it.

Via RC Groups