Barbie's 126th career change: code monkey

Barbie recently asked her Twitter followers what her 125th and 126th jobs should be. (That's right, the prolific blond was already planning to quit being a news anchor, which was voted in as Job 125, before she even began.) Computer engineer won the 126th slot, beating out the likes of environmentalist, architect and surgeon.

Barbie's attempt at geek chic comes in the form of a colorful tee decorated with computer parts and binary, a hot-pink laptop to match her pink glasses and shoes, and, somewhat confusingly, a Bluetooth headset. None of it really screams computer engineer to me — but I guess "gadget collector" Barbie wouldn't count as a career.

Still, you can't deny her chops. See what's on her computer screen? That's right, Barbie's working in straight binary. Check out Barbie's full getup by clicking on the picture below:


Via BBC News