App-powered tablet for preschoolers makes sense, actually

Why would a young child ever need a toy that mimics a tablet computer — and even runs apps? On the onset, it's tempting to say, "That's too fancy for a child to understand!" But in a world of easy bake ovens and complex action figures, a tablet for children doesn't seem too far-fetched. Besides, kids love apps.

With that in mind, Mattel is launching the Fisher-Price iXL, a faux-tablet that runs six educational apps geared toward youngsters. The six apps run the gamut of what you'd expect on the likes of an iPad, including books, games, music and photo apps. All of this content is managed on your computer through a Fisher-Price software suite, and then you can let your kid run wild with what you've supplied on the iXL (which, admittedly, isn't a very fun name at all).

Your kid will have to save up plenty of lunch money, though, as the iXL hits in July for $80.

From Mattel:

iXL Learning System is a child's portable window to a whole new world of learning and entertainment with six great applications: Story Book, Game Player, Note Book, Art Studio, Music Player and Photo Album. iXL, which is PC and MAC compatible, features an SD card slot for expanded memory and comes with a USB cord to connect to the computer. A software management CD enables users to add their own photos and songs (MP3s and WMAs). iXL can also store multiple software titles, songs and pictures with no cartridges needed. iXL will be available in July 2010 for approximately $79.99; licensed software CDs will also be available, sold separately for $24.99.

Via MediaBistro