'Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart' protects the golf courses of tomorrow

With a name like the "MetalTech A-TAC," you'd think this little buggy deserved to be on a B-movie set. Then you find out the A-TAC stands for Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart, and all of a sudden you're picturing ludicrous scenarios involving golf courses and diabolical plans to nuke them.

As funny as it all sounds, the A-TAC isn't messing around. It's been designed to operate on battery power and in tight spaces such as hotels and stadiums, and ferries two armed guards while giving them four different places to fire out of the vehicle from. The whole thing's bullet-proof, too, from the windows to the hull, though it won't go very fast with a top speed of only 15 MPH.

The A-TAC was inspired by the terrorist attacks in Mumbai back in '08, and MetalTech designed it as a reaction to that for Indian security forces.

Via Fast Company