All you need to know about Windows Phone 7

The smartphone world was profoundly changed yesterday when Microsoft rolled out Windows Phone 7 Series. Never mind wading through thousands of words about the world's newest smartphone operating system — you can take a look at a couple of videos and our gallery below and experience it for yourself.

Our take? Apple and all the other also-ran cellphone softwaremeisters have a lot of catching up to do with interface design. Windows Phone's gorgeous Zune HD-like pivoting interface makes all the others look like last decade's news. In three words: We love it. This demoware had an auspicious debut, but the question remains: Can Microsoft deliver apps that do it justice?

After you've watched the video above, dive deeper with this 22-minute hands-on video from Microsoft showing you all the goodness of this groundbreaking cellphone operating system.

Via Microsoft Developers Network