25 gorgeous and mystifying watch concepts from Tokyoflash

We love the crazy, futuristic, occasionally incomprehensible designs of Tokyoflash timepieces, and the Japan-based watchmaker is at it again. In the last couple of weeks it's posted 25 conceptual renderings of watches on its blog, crowd-sourcing for feedback on which ones it'll make into actual products.

Our favorite has to be the Bluetooth pocketwatch, just because the whole idea of such a gadget is brilliantly retro. Your calls get routed through the watch, with the display turning green to alert you. Time is (relatively) easy to tell — the big number tells you the hours with various markings giving you the exact minute. Our only beef is the headphones. We'd rather the watch had a small speaker, or a least the option to go without headgear.

Check out the whole mess o' watch designs — including a Star Trek-y pendant and something that looks like that Ring cellphone from recent episodes of Chuck — in our gallery. See if you can figure out how to tell time on each, and then follow the links in the captions to see if you were right. Let us know how you did in the comments.

Via Tokyoflash's blog