ZOMM a "wireless leash" for people who lose their cellphones

We all know what kicks off Thursday — that's right, the annual bleepfest that is CES. So, while DVICE is mos' def going to have a presence there (I'm staying in the U.K., taverymuch) to bring you all the latest news, we can't do it all. Which is why we raise our eyes to the heavens and breathe, "Thank you, Jesus" when tech companies do the hard work for us in the second week of January, and give us sneak peeks of their new stuff.

Anyway, this hockey puck-sized gizmo is called the ZOMM (as opposed to ZOMG) and seems to be the bastard son of a Bluetooth dongle and a portable speaker. Should you be prone to losing your mobile phone, attach the ZOMM to your keychain* and it lets you hear, and take, incoming calls. There's also a one-touch emergency dial, which lets you get through to 911 should you not be able to get to your phone, and the ZOMM also emits an alarm to warn you you're moving too far from your handset. Rumor has it the ZOMM is going to retail for around $80, but all will be revealed in Vegas.

Via technabob

*Unless, of course, you are also prone to losing your keys, in which case, might I suggest a butler?