White Goat: Weird machine turns office paper into toilet paper

Behold the hilariously named White Goat (no relation to your humble narrator) we told you about last year, a paper-hungry machine that poops toilet paper. In development for years, now it's about to actually go on sale. Or so they say.

Pop in 40 sheets of regular paper, and a half-hour later, out comes a roll of toilet paper. It's pretty cheap, too, costing about dime per roll to perform this alchemy. But wait a doggone second. The machine itself costs $100,000.

What were they thinking? At an average cost per roll of about 60 cents, our calculations show you'd have to crank out 200,000 rolls of TP before it pays for itself. Maybe this is an early April fool's joke? No. Here's the video proof:

Via Ubergizmo