When blogging from your cell doesn't mean BlackBerry or iPhone

Concepts. We love 'em. Especially when the launch of a certain Apple product seems to have sucked the lifeblood out of anything remotely new or gadgety on the web. The oddly-named P.log is an idea from designer Yejin Mun to keep non-violent prisoners in touch with their loved ones. It's a secure, random blogging system that enables prisoners to stay in touch with their loved ones on the outside. (Here's an example. "Dere Mum. Thanx for cake. Please send anutha 1 as I ayte the file inside. luv bumpy knuckles.")

The touchscreen P.log consists of a scanner/printer that enables inmates to scan and upload their innermost thoughts. It's designed to be situated in the rec room of jails, and enables each prisoner to have their own blog. The weirdness of it, however, is that anyone who visits the blogs will have no idea who it is who wrote it. "All communication will be anonymous for security." And then there's a really funny image detailing the philosophy behind Mr Mun's idea, which you can see below.

Loneliness? Speak for yourself, mate, I'm surrounded by my imaginary friends.

Via Yanko