What would it look like if Earth had rings?

Animator Ray Prol came up with a great idea: What if the earth had rings like Saturn's? Suppose those rings were aligned with the equator. They'd be visible from east to west, all over the world. He then shows us exactly what the sky would look like from various locations on the planet. The result? What a wonderful world this would be!

Forget carving advertisements on the moon with robots — some ballsy and evil huckster from the future could create rings like this around the earth, reminding all of us every day of how much, say, Coca-Cola cares about you. Etch that logo right in the rings, appearing regularly as its pattern orbits the globe. Please don't.

Just enjoy the gorgeous animation Ray Prol created here, where he's used Autodesk 3ds Max animation software to accurately estimate the appearance of those hypothetical rings, showing up day and night, everywhere.

Ray Prol on YouTube, via The Picture Show