Vizio: First HDTVs with both 3D and wireless HDMI

In August, Vizio will start selling the first announced HDTVs with both full 1080p 3D and wireless HDMI (WiHD) HDTVs.

There'll be three Vizio XVT Pro-series TruLED LCD 3D/wireless HDMI models, a 72-inch ($3,500), a 55-inch ($2,500) and a 47-inch ($2,000), all running at 480Hz to deliver the dual 1080p images necessary for stereoscopic 3D.

Both 3D and wireless HDMI are extra, though. For 3D, you'll have to buy the XpanD 3D glasses separately (such much for the bundling we were told about), and you'll still need to buy the separate WiHD connecting box, to which you jack in your HDMI gear. No pricing on the WiHD box was announced.

Presumably, with an updated 3D HDMI 1.3 Blu-ray player or cable/satellite set-top box you'll be able to get 3D over the WiHD connection, but the whole 3D-over-wireless HDMI is still an open question. Both WiHD and the competing WHDI wireless HDMI standards currently do only HDMI 1.3, not HDMI 1.4.

All three XVT Pro HDTV models also include built-in 802.11n WiFi built in to access Vizio's VIA (Vizio Internet Apps) TV Internet widgets.