Victorinox Swiss Army knife in the boardroom

For what seems like forever, everyone carried around a Swiss Army knife — you never knew when you might need a small knife or itsy-bitsy pair of scissors. However, post-9/11, no one can carry theirs around when they travel. Sales must have been plummeting as more and more Swiss Army knifes were confiscated at airports and not replaced.

Always thinking, Victorinox, the company behind the Swiss Army brand has been working on ways to get back into everyone's pocket. They have mixed USB flash drives with their classic designs, in-flight versions without blades, and now they're really thinking outside the box.

The new Victorinox Presentation Master features a large (up to 32 GB) USB flash drive with secure data encryption, and fingerprint authentication, all in the familiar Swiss Army Knife. Yup - you swipe your finger across the scanner for access to the drive - how very Ethan Hunt. A flight-friendly version without blades is available. The Presentation master features a Bluetooth remote control for notebook or PC applications and a laser pointer. The company believes so strongly in their product security that they offered hackers $100,000 if they could crack the code. So far, the product is still secure. Pricing will be available in March.

I like this product, but if you get the one with the familiar knifes, be prepared to turn it over next time you fly. That would really suck if your meeting presentation was left in the hands of TSA. Of course, if you really get stuck and forgot about the knives, just remove the USB from the main body and go on your merry way.