TV Ears rolls out a fancy HDTV just for grandma

An HDTV may not seem necessary for our beloved elders who just want to get their Price Is Right on in peace, but TV Ears — which makes wireless listening devices that are like hearing aids for the television — is hoping that a slew of senior-friendly features will make its TV Ears TV attractive.

The 32-inch LCD covers all the basics of what you'd expect from a senior set, including a remote control with only six large buttons and an integrated transmitter that cuts down on how many wires there are to deal with. It's also got a handy auto-shutdown feature that will put the set to sleep after four hours — in case the viewer has also gone sleepy-bye.

That all sounds great, but the biggest barrier to entry here is the price: $1,200. While that could buy you a sweet set for your youthful eyes, that $1,200 also includes delivery, installation and toll-free tech support. What are the chances your grandparents are going to call that "man I don't know" on that "number I can never remember," though, instead of calling their sweet, sweet grandkid who tried to replace their familial responsibilities with technology?

Via Engadget