Tub-E bathtub adds automation and style to your bathing ritual

Does anyone still take baths these days? While the speed and efficiency of a quick shower is hard to beat, there is something to be said for a long soothing hot soak in the tub. I'm just not sure I'd want to do it in the Tub-E.

Looking like a triumph of form over function, the undeniably cool looking Tub-E includes several high tech functions to make your bath time a bit more luxurious. A thermostatically controlled heater under the seat keeps the water at a constant temperature, so you won't be adding hot water to reheat the water every few minutes. Add to that its auto fill, auto empty, and auto clean cycles, plus the ability to inject various bath oils during the fill process, and you certainly have a few improvements over the centuries old basic tub. My main issue is that it just looks incredibly uncomfortable.

The Tub-E is available from Wild Terrain Designs. No word on the price.

Wild Terrain Designs, via House Automator