Transforming boots reveal non-slip steel studs

The country's in a deep freeze. That's why we're eyeing these $200 clodhoppers, which happen to have a unique capability nestled underneath. They're mild-mannered Clark Kent-style boots when you're indoors, but when it's time to walk on ice, spin around those red devices on the bottom and they transform into uniquely capable winter gear.

These tricky kicks are each packing 16 stainless steel teeth that will bite their way through ice and snow, keeping you and your butt intact for one more frigid season. And those of you with Popsicle toes will be happy to hear that these clunky boots are wool-lined, in an attempt to keep your feet warm even when the thermometer plummets to below zero. Good luck with that — we'd rather have electric heat in there.

Via CrunchGear