Toilet of the future saves torrents of H2O

No matter what happens in our glorious future, we'll all still be pooping. Well, those of us left in meatspace, that is. Designer Dang Jingwei figures if we're going to be wasting all that water, might as well employ his all-in one toilet called Home Core to save that soon-to-be precious fluid by using what's delicately known as "gray water" for flushing.

To decide whether to store your used sink water for flushing, there's an attractive backlit button — green is for storing that water, and orange gets rid of it. Additional niceties are a pop-up mirror for the narcissistic, and a couple of convenient drawers to store those personal unmentionables.

This design could come in handy in a world where water is more valuable than printer ink. The thing is so tastefully designed, it looks like it survived wind tunnel testing.

Via Yanko Design