Tiny Optoma pico projector is best and brightest yet

Those ultra-small pico projectors are getting even more pico, and Optoma's latest is a whole lot brighter than last year's model. We got our hands on the PK 301 at CES 2010 today, and our admiration for these teeny tiny shinys continues to grow.

The PK 301 is surprisingly bright for its size. Its output is quoted at 50 lumens — that's a lot more than the 11 Lumens of the first Optoma pico projector, the PK 101. The PK 301's 854x480 imager looks bright enough to enjoy a movie, and certainly adequate for biz presentations.

We like the way it was pitched to us as the "ultimate netbook companion." These pico projectors have certainly come a long way since their debut two years ago. Look for the PK 301, the best one we've seen yet, to ship in late April for $399.