Taking apart the Nexus One? An 'unbelievably easy task,' iFixit says

When we first showed you the Nexus One, there was something that really stood out to us: you can by an unlocked phone right from Google for $530, and straight off the bat. Five Franklins and three Hamiltons later, teardown website iFixit had Nexus One of its own, and the staff did what they do best: tore the sucker apart.

Our spec-happy readers should make haste over to iFixit's excellent teardown. For the rest of us, though, there's also an important takeaway here. Unlike the iPhone, iFixit found that getting to the Nexus One's battery is an "unbelievably easy task," which is important in today's electronics scene where batteries fail left and right — and removing one can aid in simple tasks such as rebooting the phone.

As for iFixit's Nexus One, we hope that putting it back together will prove just as effortless. Those suckers are pricey!

iFixit, via PC World