Swaddled like a cocoon: Snooze anywhere with Sleepsuit

Show up for work wearing this sleepsuit, and you won't exactly be oozing ambition. Of course, you could tuck these connected rings of EVA foam away in your briefcase and break them out at an opportune moment, grabbing a 20-minute catnap at various times throughout the day. Heck, naps like that make you more productive and creative, scientists say.

That soft foam makes you feel like you're nestled into a strategically padded container, similar to the way hard drives are shipped. It's been tested for the four favorite sleeping positions: face up, face down, fetal position, and that favored of hours, passed out at your desk, face planted on a stack of papers.

Somehow, designer Forrest Jessee's concept for this "transportable and adjustable cocoon" allows constant airflow, ensuring that you won't suffocate in your strange-looking sleeping enclosure. Designed to let you pop in and get snoozing in less than a minute, we only wish someone would've been handing these out as schwag at CES 2010.

Via Treehugger