Sunfury: Reference platform for more Chumby gadgets?

Chumby, the cute, almost huggable Internet-connected widget player, seems to be making friends across the tech industry. First we saw the $199 Sony Dash, with the ability to play all the Chumby widgets built in. Now here's the Chumby Sunfury tablet computer platform, perhaps the basis for Sony Dash, and maybe on its way inside numerous gadgets far and wide.

Its specs resemble those of the Sony Dash (available this April), with a 7-inch touchscreen, 800x480 resolution, microSD card compatibility and Wi-Fi/3G connectivity. But this platform takes to the next level, with optional video camera inputs, a 1.2 GHz version, and your choice of 128 or 256MB of RAM. Jeez, this is getting beyond mere Chumbytude and into tablet territory.

When will the Sunfury make it to market? It's unclear thus far, but this might be a reference platform for lots of gadgets with similar sized touchscreens and Chumby inside. We can only hope.

Via Technabob