Spring Design Alex e-reader: sexy gadget or Nook clone?

Not just another e-reader, the Alex from Spring Design is based on the Android OS. Its dual-screen display includes a 6-inch e-paper display, and a 3.5-inch LCD color touchscreen right beneath, similar to the supplementary screen on Barnes & Noble's Nook.

The color screen is useful for browsing books stored in the device's library and books and other media available via download. You can get books from Google as well as Borders.com. Other partners are expected to be announced before the February release of the Alex. To get online, you can plug the device into a PC using USB 2.0, or browse using Wi-Fi.

Words come to life with the LCD touchscreen. A range of file types including many movie formats, MP3 files, JPEG and other images, as well as PDF and HTML files are easily viewed. A single battery charge supports up to 7,500 page views or six hours of online browsing.

I'll start to build my book queue in the Google library while I wait for the February release of the Alex.