Spectacular floating city of the future designed for Boston Harbor

If the days of gigantic arcologies ever arrive, architect E. Kevin Schopfer will be at the forefront of their design. After creating that spectacular pyramid-shaped arco for New Orleans, his next trick is a floating city-within-a-city he envisions smack dab in the middle of Boston Harbor.

Called Boa, an abbreviation for Boston Arcology, this enormous structure could be home to 15,000 people. It's big enough to contain everything they'll need to live their Utopian existence, including hotels, offices, retail space, museums, and even a City Hall.

The gigantic structure will take 10 years to build, and will be situated so its residents can walk on moving sidewalks, or take elevators or escalators wherever they'd like to go within. Now if somebody could just scare up the big bucks for such a spectacular structure, this fantasy could have a chance of turning into reality.

Via Yanko Design