Smart Second Skin dress: Wearing pheromones on your sleeve

Popping up in today's "interesting but flaky" file is the Smart Second Skin Dress, a garment that has its own circulatory system. Equipped with sensors to detect the wearer's emotions, the dress would emit chemicals — excuse me, "aromatic messages" — as a kind of mood enhancer or inhibitor. Ways that might manifest: If you're feeling a cold coming on, it could release eucalyptus scent. Hot for that delivery guy? The dress would pump out pheromones. The website even throws out unlikely scenarios of the dress (or similar clothing) as a substitute for asthma inhalers, and scents replacing fingerprints.

We're not going to scrutinize this one too closely (but you guys feel free) since the project, a few years old now, is clearly more the act of someone dreaming out loud than a practical product. That someone? Jenny Tillotson, a British artist and designer whose research involves merging fashion and smell. May I humbly suggest something involving pizza and ascots?

Smart Second Skin, via Technovelgy