Skiff takes e-readers to new territory: flexible screens (but not bendy readers)

The Skiff e-reader, unveiled today at CES, has a special feature that will appeal to newspaper and magazine junkies: a flexible screen. The Skiff is just a quarter of an inch thick, and its E Ink screen has no glass — in its place is a foil material that's both durable and bendy. It doesn't hurt that the display is huge, measuring 11.5 inches diagonal with 1,200 x 1,600-pixel resolution. It's mounted in a solid frame, though, so the reader itself isn't bendy, though its flexibility makes it durable.

The Skiff gets content via Sprint's 3G wireless network, but it'll also work over Wi-Fi. Skiff is owned by Hearst, so you'll at least be able to get Good Housekeeping when the e-reader becomes available later this year. No price yet.

The Skiff honestly can't come fast enough for us. We've been saying for years that periodicals are the true e-reader market, and having a big, flexible screen is a huge step in that direction. Now if only it would display color we'd really have something here.

UPDATE: OK, the Skiff isn't as huge a step as we first thought, since, as at least one commenter has pointed out, the screen is bendy, but the reader isn't. We apologize for the error — we were taken in by the misleading photos.