Sharker motobike is a real land shark for the 21st century

The basic fundamentals of motorbike design have remained pretty much the same over the last 50 years, but that could change if the Sharker ever lands in a showroom. While most cars switched to monocoque construction back in the '60s or '70s, motorcycles have stuck with a traditional supporting framework, sometimes with an added fairing for aerodynamics, pretty much since they were first invented.

The Sharker breaks this tradition by using its sexy carbon bodywork to support the rider, engine, and wheels, resulting in both lower weight and improved stiffness. Performance is impressive, with 140 horses ready to propel the Sharker to over 60 MPH in four seconds. Top speed can vary between 125 and 174 MPH depending on gearing choices.

While that all sounds very impressive on paper, I just think the Sharker looks incredibly cool. Lets hope it doesn't remain a one off prototype.

Gerg Group, via Born Rich