Sanyo electric bike re-charges battery as you pedal

It isn't a girl's bike, even though with its S-shaped frame it looks like one - it's a unisex "synergetic hybrid" bicycle, the Eneloop Bike, from Sanyo. It's a essentially a power-assisted ride; it's two-wheel drive motor helps you up hills and takes over if you're too pooped to pedal. But when you do spin the gears, it re-charges to battery to give you a longer ride - up to 46 miles, what Sanyo calls "loop charging".

A built-in power mode gradually increases the power output, which gives you smoother start, provides a smoother start when starting an uphill ride, and assists when you're carrying the week's shopping on your back or if you're a bike messenger and you've spent all day schlepping around town and just need a break.

It's got front and rear lights for safer night-riding, handlebar-mounted control switches positioned to let you keep your hands on the grips, a soft saddle to cushion your tush, and a rear carrier. You'll of course pay for your comfort - it costs $2,300.