Razer Onza controller gives you serious edge on Xbox 360

Okay you serious Xbox 360 gamers — Razer makes its debut into console gaming with Onza, a console controller just for you. Built with that quality we raved about in the Razer Imperator mouse, Onza gives you adjustable tension in the analog controllers, a programmable multi-function button, and those Hyper response buttons that are so easy to push, a Razer specialty.

We're avid Xbox 360 players and are picky about the controller. The Onza feels more substantial in the hand than the stock controller, and we like that it's wired, eliminating lag. It's a kick to be able to adjust the tension of the analog sticks so they feel just right. And check out that spooky green light seeping out of its midseam. Nice.

This $50 controller is still in early development — we played with a hand-built prototype — but Razer has Microsoft's blessing to build it. It earned our enthusiastic thumbs-up as well.

Via Razer Onza